WaStop inline non return valve

A patented backflow prevention device, the Wastop backflow valve stops backflow in pipes and drains. Its patented design also prevents the infiltration of gases, flotsam, and insects into the pipeline. It is the ideal choice for a variety of applications and is available in a range of sizes.

The WaStop inline non return backflow and flood valve is a high-quality, reliable solution for inline installations. Its stainless steel construction features a cone-shaped chloroprene membrane that does not rely on gravity to close. Furthermore, the valve does not require a vertical headwall and can be installed in any plane. Standard sizes of this valve range from 100mm to 1800mm and can also be custom-sized to meet your specific needs.

The WaStop inline non return backflow is designed to work with a wide variety of plumbing systems. Its fully automated design means that it does not require electricity or human intervention. It also has an access chamber, which means that it is easy to access without having to enter the pipes. Additionally, Wapro’s solutions have a low life-cycle cost, are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

The WaStop is made with a unique patented design that prevents backflow and provides odour and flood protection. It also prevents infiltration of the pipeline by insects, flotsam and other gases.

WaStop Stainless Steel backflow valve

The WaStop Stainless Steel backflow valve is an inline backflow prevention valve made of stainless steel grade 304 or 316 and incorporates a cone-shaped chloroprene membrane. This valve is able to withstand pressures up to eight metres in theĀ https://evrproducts.com/products/rubber-expansion-joints/ opposite direction without allowing backflow. It can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit the particular application.

The valve’s ingenious design ensures that it provides maximum protection from backflow, flooding, and odour control. It is available in a range of standard sizes and can be fitted to any pipe diameter up to 1800mm. If you have a bespoke pipe size, AQUIKO can also provide bespoke fittings. This valve also offers low lifecycle costs and is easy to install.

The Wastop valve is patented to prevent backflow and prevent odour in sewage systems. It also protects against small animals, insects, and other debris from entering the pipeline. Designed to be easy to install, it can be fitted to a chamber or a septic tank in just a few minutes.

WaStop PVC range

The WaStop PVC range backflow valve is a highly effective solution for preventing backflow and odours. This valve is designed for flexible installation, and is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. It is easy to fit and uses an elastic cone to close. This makes it ideal for applications such as septic tanks and soakaways. Water utilities and homeowners have found the WaStop range to be very easy to install.

The WaStop works on the principle of differential pressure. This means that it requires no electricity or human intervention. It is also available with an access chamber for easier installation and maintenance. It is also extremely easy to maintain and has a low life-cycle cost.