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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Mary W. was living any family’s worst nightmare. Mary’s husband had recently died in a car accident and Mary found herself working at a daycare center to support herself and two children. She couldn’t escape the nagging fact that she had never finished high school. Without a diploma, the possibility of college or a higher-paying job was slim. “I wanted a better future for my kids and me…to be able to encourage them in their educations. I told myself now was the time. No excuses.” Mary entered the Adult Educational Program through West Central Technical College. She earned her GED diploma and plans to attend West Central’s dental hygienist program. During the graduation ceremony, Mary encouraged others in similar situations to get their education. “Just do it,” she said emphatically. “Do whatever you need to do to make it happen.”
I can accomplish anything if I set my mind to it.

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Janette J. is living proof of how adult education can change lives. “I had many obstacles to overcome when I went back to school.” A mother in her teens, Janette’s son and three daughters influenced her decision to pursue a GED diploma. “I’ve always told my children to finish what they started — and how important education is.” Describing her experience in West Georgia Technical College’s Adult Education Program, Janette explained, “It’s like a family . . . supporting each other.” A supportive program, and Janette’s determination to improve life for herself and her children, helped her achieve the goal of graduation. Now she’s inspired to reach further. Janette plans to enter WGTC to study criminal justice.

I  never told anyone that I couldn’t read.

Mark S. was employed, but not feeling successful at work because he struggled to read. All his life he had gotten by using excuses or the help of his family to get the information he needed. He finally got up the courage to enroll in classes to work on getting his GED, but the material was very difficult. When he saw a volunteer in the class was helping students in small groups to improve their reading he mustered the courage to speak up and ask for help. “I never told anyone that I couldn’t read, because I’ve seen other friends being teased and made fun of when they said they couldn’t read,” he explained to the volunteer. Once he began working with the volunteer he quickly made progress. Without a good foundation in the basics he had given up trying to read. During the first few lessons, when the volunteer explained phonics and letter sound correspondence, Mark was delighted with this new knowledge, “No one ever told me that!”  Today Mark is continuing his work and making great progress with renewed hope.


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