Stacking rings are another trendy piece of jewellery

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Stacking rings are another trendy piece of jewellery. Many stacking rings are asymmetrical and delicate. Some of these rings are plain with no stones, while others have a lot of adornments such as jewels.

Signet rings have a long history and were used to sign documents and other items. Today, these are typically decorative rings that feature engravings that represent the wearer’s name, family crest or other personal information. Before the invention of engravings, a signet ring would be cut from a single precious gemstone or metal, and theĀ visit url engraved surface would be pressed on a wax seal.

While the Bauhaus movement was an important influence on the development of this style, many other contributors contributed to this style. Georg Jensen, for example, expanded the concept of wearable art with his pieces. Other artisans, including the Wiener Werkstatte and Charles Robert Ashbee, were also key in the creation of this design.

For more information on jewellery collections, you can visit fashion magazines. Many publications also offer market research. Using these tools, you can understand which audience you should aim to reach. Furthermore, you should consider how the jewellery collection you create fits into the current fashion trends.