Many vegans enjoy the occasional bite of something sweet

Many vegans enjoy the occasional bite of something sweet. However, finding vegan-friendly treats can be a challenge. This article outlines a few sweet options. Fruit Jellies, Jelly Tots, Jelly Beans, and Fruit Pastilles. These treats are not only vegan-friendly but also delicious!

Fruit Jellies

A vegan-friendly version of fruit jelly is possible thanks to an alternative to gelatin, called agar-agar. This seaweed-derived material has the same consistency as gelatin and can be found at your local supermarket. It is an easy way to add jelly to your favorite recipes and is also a delicious option for birthday parties.

Fruit Pastilles

Nestle is making a big push into veganism by increasing its vegan product range. With a growing vegan population in the UK, Nestle wants to cater to their new customers and are introducing a new vegan brand called Fruit Pastilles. ThisĀ vegan candies will expand Nestle’s range of dairy alternative drinks and cereals. Other vegan products include Jelly Tots and Carnation vegan condensed milk.

Jelly Tots

Sweet Vegan Chocolates believes that food is a sensory experience, and they use only the best organic ingredients. Their line of vegan treats includes Dreamy Bites, handmade with 70% dark chocolate. You’ll never feel guilty about splurging on these delicious vegan treats.

Jelly Beans

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can even make your own Sweet Vegan jelly beans at home. Making your own candy allows you to control the ingredients in every batch. However, it takes a little more time than making commercial candy, and it will probably take several batches before you achieve the desired flavor profile.

Chocolate Coconut Bars

Chocolate Coconut Bars are a delicious sweet treat that will satisfy your chocolate cravings. Instead of using sugar or maple syrup, you can make your own chocolate coconut bars using a mixture of coconut oil and maple syrup. They will have a firmer texture than a candy bar. Once you’ve prepared them, store them in the fridge. To cut them, use a sharp knife to slice them into bars.

Creamy Almond Milk

Almond milk is quickly becoming one of the most popular plant-based milks in the United States. Its sales are now approaching $1 billion a year, compared to soy milk’s $245 million. Many consumers are turning to almond milk as a better, healthier alternative to dairy milk. Almonds are among the healthiest nuts around, and they’re also a great source of calcium.

Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

This easy, dairy-free recipe for salted chocolate peanut butter mousse is loaded with the flavors of peanut butter and chocolate. It uses non-dairy milk as the base, which makes it rich and creamy. The mixture is rounded out with salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. This recipe also uses cocoa powder, which adds a rich chocolate flavor. You can use either raw cacao powder or regular processed cocoa powder.