Lip Fillers Using a Cannula

If you are considering lip fillers in Vancouver, you may be wondering what to expect and what the procedure involves. Before deciding on your treatment, you should understand what to expect, including the cost and recovery time. You can also find out how the procedure is performed using a cannula.

Cost of lip fillers in Vancouver

Lip fillers can improve the appearance of your lips. The procedure is affordable and can improve your self-confidence. The procedure requires little or no downtime and can start at $400.

Treatment options

Lip fillers in Vancouver are an excellent option for people who want to enhance the appearance of their lips without surgery. The procedure involves injecting a natural solution that can last anywhere from six months to a year. Most patients can expect to have some pain after the procedure, but it is usually not as bad as most people think. Patients are advised to use ice and pain relievers to help reduce the amount of discomfort. The procedure is not permanent, and there is no need to have a follow-up appointment.

Recovery time

After a lip filler procedure, recovery time can vary. It depends on the things you need to know about lip fillers in vancouver  type of procedure you choose, and how much filler you receive. Most patients are able to resume normal activities the same day, though a few days of rest is suggested. It is also important to avoid excessive physical activity to reduce swelling. Your cosmetic surgeon will also discuss a post-treatment schedule with you.

Cannula method

The Cannula method for lip fillers is a non-surgical option that uses a needle-like instrument to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips. The injection is painless and requires little downtime. The results are usually seen within six to eight months and can be repeated a few times a year if necessary. The Cannula method is very popular among women in Vancouver, and is an excellent choice if you are considering this procedure.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers

Hyaluronic acid-based lip filler injections are a non-surgical procedure that can significantly improve the shape and volume of your lips. They are designed to feel and look like your natural lips and are safe and effective. You can choose from a variety of different fillers, such as Juvederm Ultra XC, which can significantly increase the volume of your lips, reduce perioral lines, and diminish nasolabial folds. You can expect to enjoy results that last for up to 12 months with optimal treatment.


Volbella lip fillers are injectable treatments that add volume to the lips and smooth away fine lines around the mouth. This treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home and does not require surgery.

Juvederm Ultra XC

Juvederm Ultra XC is one of the latest innovations in dermal fillers. This hyaluronic acid gel has been approved for a variety of aesthetic purposes. The brand now has six different formulations to address different aesthetic concerns. Juvederm Ultra XC lasts anywhere from nine to twelve months, depending on the patient.