Highway Road Land Price Increases

During the recent years, the cost of land for highway projects has increased by 70 percent. The average cost of land acquisition for highways in India is Rs 1.35 crore per hectare in 2014-15. This is a stark increase from the previous year’s average cost of Rs 78 lakh per hectare. However, the increase in the cost of land could be due to various factors.

For example, in rural areas, the cost of land is less than in urban areas. This is because there are fewer users and therefore the land rent is less. Hence, land near population centers has a higher value. Similarly, the price of land near a main road increases. However, if there is no road near a residential area, the value of the land would drop.

In southwestern Bengaluru, new residential layouts are being developed. The price of land around such areas is expected to increase over the coming years. The price of land in these areas is likely to increase by 20 to 25 percent in the long term. This 計畫道路買賣 could be a result of the fact that new residential layouts are being developed. In addition, there is a high demand for plots in Bangalore. In the short term, there will be an increase in the price of land, as more and more residential layouts are developed.

However, the price of land will also increase if the project is built and infrastructure facilities are developed. These facilities could include roads, transportation, communication and electricity. For example, if a four-lane highway is constructed, it will add a lot of cost to the project. The land cost will be a big part of the cost of a four-lane highway. In 2012-13, the average cost of land acquisition for a highway was Rs 78 lakh per hectare.

The cost of land is also increasing in the southwestern region of Bengaluru. There are a lot of new residential layouts and apartment projects being developed. The price of land is expected to increase in the coming years, especially if there is more connectivity to the city.

There are some concerns about the new land acquisition law that will be rolled out in the current financial year. If the law is implemented, the cost of land will increase significantly. However, the NHAI has declined to comment on the current financial year’s land acquisition costs.

As far as the actual cost of a four-lane highway is concerned, the cost will be about Rs 4 to 8 crore per kilometer. This is about the same as the cost of a plain road without a bypass. However, a four-lane road could lead to higher real estate prices in the near future. In addition, land near a main road and important landmarks increases the value of the land. The price of land near the highway is expected to increase by 20 to 25 percent in the short and long term.

The land cost for highway projects has been increasing for the last three years. However, the increase has not been uniformly across the highway. For example, the cost of land around the Zirakpur-Patiala highway has increased from Rs 32 to 35 lakh in 2011-12 to Rs 45 to 55 lakh in 2013-14. The new land acquisition law is likely to increase the cost of land for highway projects in the coming years.