Consejeria en Espanola

Consejeria en Espanola is a unique program that offers services in the Spanish language to young adults. The consejeria is a type of work therapy that teaches skills to adults that help them cope with life’s challenges. It is an integral part of the educational process. Whether a client is young or elderly, consejeria is effective in improving well-being.

Lisbet specializes in consejeria

Lisbet Kofoed is a Spanish-speaking consejeria specialist. She has been with the Marjatta organization for many years and also works as a Council delegate for Denmark. Her main area of focus is working with Hispanic clients. Her services include preparing immigration exemptions and providing immigration support.

Aaron works with young adults

Aaron is an experienced professional working with young adults. He joined Christian Family Solutions in January 2019. He has received his BA in psychology from the University of Minnesota and is working on his MA in Counseling Psychology. He is passionate about helping youth and young adults deal with Consejeria en Espanol mental health issues. His goal is to provide them with a supportive and constructive environment that allows them to learn to manage their emotions and build a healthy mind and body.

Aaron works with parents

Aaron has a passion for children and for helping them have happy, meaningful childhoods. He has been recognized for his work and received many awards. He holds a psychology degree from the University of Nebraska. He has spoken on stage alongside some of the most respected luminaries in various fields.