Bill Hundal

In April 2011, Brampton businessman Bill Bhangal was accused of sexual assault on an 18-year-old woman. Although the Crown has not appealed the case, the alleged victim is hopeful that the Crown will make its case in an appeal court. Bill Bhangal was convicted of the charge in February 2013, and sentenced to four months of house arrest. Because of his good character, a judge deemed jail time disproportionate. He was also given 18 months of probation, which the Crown hopes to overturn.

Bill Hundal

Bill Hundal was convicted on six counts of lewd acts against his daughter in a recent state court trial. TheĀ Bill Bhangal case was originally filed in 2008 in state superior court. Hundal had alleged that his attorney, Anthony Lowenstein, had represented the accused in a separate case involving her son, and that the dual representation created a conflict of interest and adversely affected Lowenstein’s performance in the Hundal case. He alleged that he was denied a fair trial, ineffective assistance of counsel, and a violation of his constitutional rights.

Hundal has worked in the auto industry and is a franchise owner of Jiffy Lube franchises throughout the province. In 2007, he unsuccessfully ran for the Alliance party nomination in the old Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale riding. He is also well-connected in the Conservative party and has helped organize events for Tim Hudak in the Brampton area. He and his family have been involved in a number of election campaigns and are well-known in Brampton.

Hundal claims that the state prosecutor’s peremptory challenge to his jury panel prejudiced him. He claimed that he could have argued against this argument, but the judge denied it. In addition, the prosecutor also peremptorily challenged the only Sikh on the jury panel. Hundal also claims that his defense counsel was ineffective for failing to object to the challenge during trial.

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